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Course Advantages Summary
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WOW Academy course materials, in many ways, will always be superior to typical textbook training materials. Listed below are some of the more obvious advantages of WOW Academy courses and how they compare to other books and training materials.

WOW Academy Course Advantages Include:

Students can access courses from any Internet-ready computer.

All courses are self-paced, and there is no time limit for course completion.

Students have lifetime access to the courses.

Course materials are updated continuously to be as current as possible.

Students have continual access to course instructors via email.

Students can quickly copy/paste from courses to use in personal projects.

Students use courses as a quick Reference for XHTML, Java, and CSS.

Courses have hundreds of hands-on exercises for perfecting skills.

Courses offer additional student resources that are relative to each course.

Each course offers an evaluation form to rate the course and instructor.

Courses offer an evaluation form to course materials and instructor.

Courses are surprisingly affordable and with the course premium upgrade they include instructor assistance from a certified web professional.

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